Beginners’ Face Painting Ideas For Christmas

Beginners’ Face Painting Ideas For Christmas

Face painters everywhere will be adding the finishing touches to their Christmas face painting creations. Just like Halloween, Christmas is immensely popular for painters with designs as simple as a Christmas tree to the most stunning and elaborate creations covering faces, cheeks, arms, hands and legs to full head to toe body masterpieces. If you’re a beginner on the verge of your first face painting session this Christmas, then here are a few tips that may help.

TIP 1 - My number one tip first off is, plain and simply, that it’s OK to make mistakes, the reason being it’s so easy to cover them up.

TIP 2 - If you want to do an already popular design, then stick to simple. Cheek art is ideal for beginners, but kiddies love their arms, hands, legs and even feet painted. As Christmas is so close, there are lots of easy, simple designs to go at.

EASY CHRISTMAS DESIGNS - Stars, Christmas trees, holly and berries, small Santa face, snowman, snowflake and butterflies.

FOR BOYS - Try spiders, snakes, daggers, moustache, scars.

FOR GIRLS - Have a go at butterflies, hearts, stars, eye designs, flowers.

TIP 3 - If you have an artistic side to you, then use it. The beauty of face painting is that it’s about being creative. You don’t have to follow any design rules. Try this:  Using a mixture of pinks, blues, purples and white, do some long, slim leaf-like patterns finishing in twirls at the end of each one, with the first two twirls aiming upwards and the bottom twirl aiming down. Start at the eyes and high cheek bones, one under the other, working towards the hairline. Maybe about three. Do two from the centre of the eyebrows towards your hairline, gradually working away from each other. Add a darker shade on the underside of each one, then add a fine white line on the edge of the darker shade. Add some little white dots at the beginning of each leaf design. This will make the pattern come alive. Apply some of the same colours for eye shadow, then add a fine white eye liner. If you’re feeling confident, fine black edging will really set it off. Add a suitable colour lipstick and some touches of glitter over your design and lips for a beautiful sparkly finish. A jewel centred between the eyebrows would be perfect.

TIP 4 - Get a practice pad and practise all different ways of shading and highlighting. Learn what colours blend together and have fun while you’re doing it.

TIP 5 - If you’re still nervous, why not use a mixture of free hand and stencils until you gain more confidence and experience.  Even professionals use them, especially for, say, tiny stars.

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